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Data integrity in document management

We ensure the life cycle of the data in all stages of the processes.

Ensure data integrity compliance

In highly regulated sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or medical devices, extensive documentation is generated to evidence the procedures and records of the organization. The traditional management of paper documentation becomes complex when having to administer such an amount of documentation, as well as its correct distribution and change control.

How to Implement a Data Integrity Policy

Data integrity is one of the points that can present a high risk and generate serious vulnerability problems if not managed with guarantees.

At Oqotech we help our clients design and implement their Data Integrity team qualification strategy allowing them to ensure the data life cycle in all stages: generation, use, distribution, storage, recovery; for any format or media used to record, process, archive or retrieve it.


  • Complete knowledge of the computerized system in its design, infrastructure, operation, and maintenance.
  • Confirmation of the correct operation of the computerized system throughout its life cycle
  • Compliance with applicable GXP regulations.

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